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About Probate Bonds

Most often a probate bond is required for to probate a large estate,  or to protect minor children or adults who can no longer care for themselves. 

Courts have developed many different probate bonds specific to the legal situation.



For 25 years Freestate Bonds has worked with lawyers in Maryland and the D.C. Area.


When a court bond is required it is often at the most stressful times for families.  Whether it is the loss of a loved one, becoming a caregiver for an elderly family member or caring for a minor, the type of bond you need is not always clear.  It is at those times you need an expert to ensure you are on the right track and provide the best service possible.

Court cases often go beyond family dynamics.  At times a bond is needed during an appeals process or bankruptcy proceedings.  Our agents are experienced in navigating these bond needs as well. We help customers find the best bond for their credit situation and circumstances. 

At Freestate Bonds, we have built our business on helping clients with their court bond needs.  We explain the process completely including different bond types, length of time a bond is required and how to get the best rate.  We match you with the best surety provider to get a bond in your hands quickly and for the best price.

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Common Types of Probate Bonds

An Executor Bond is used when an executor or fiduciary is named in a will to manage the assets and debts of an estate. Every will in probate does not require this bond. A judge will only require this bond if the estate is large, complicated or is in dispute.


Guardianship Bonds are often required when the court appoints a Guardian Ad Litem in regards to an estate awarded to a minor. This bond is required to protect the minor’s financial interest and is required until a specific age or certain terms are reached. 


A Conservator Bond is issued when courts appoint a conservator over the wellbeing of someone, most often a minor or incapacitated adult. When a conservator is named, that person is taking on the responsibility of all care requirements. 
The Conservator Bond guarantees the conservator acts in that person’s best interests.



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Freestate Bonds has been in Prince George County Maryland for 25 years.  During that tenure we have developed underwriting partnerships that provide bond terms and rates for individuals, companies and lawyers covering all probate bond needs.  

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